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An experiential learning approach to teaching business planning


Many business schools have moved from traditional lecture style teaching to experiential learning approaches to imparting skills. In this paper, we examine a business planning course that departs significantly from the traditional lecturer-driven teaching practices to a more student-led approach to acquisition of knowledge and skills relating to a business plan. We describe the content and delivery, and examine the impact of the course on the learning outcomes of student participants. Using a survey method, we collect data from 161 final-year bachelor students. The findings indicate that the content and the delivery mode are appropriate. Students also report gaining relevant business knowledge and skills to start and manage a business. The learning gains in the finance area are comparatively limited, suggesting a different pedagogy be applied to this particular area. Overall, the findings have implications for curriculum designers and career planners.


Manisha Karia, Hanoku Bathula and Malcolm Abbott

Journal Volume

Asia Pacific Journal of Business and Management, 2011, Volume 2(2), 45-59