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Work in New Zealand

Working in New Zealand

To work in New Zealand, you need to have a visa that includes the right to work.

Working as an immigrant may not be easy as the working environment and workplaces are different in every country. These differences include difference in expectations work processes, and other things involving working with different people from different countries. Students would need to adjust to how the New Zealand work environment works. Even though working in New Zealand can be challenging, with the right skills, good attitude and a positive outlook, one can succeed in landing the right workplace.

What do you need before start looking for a job?

IRD Number

IRD number keeps you regulating with the New Zealand compliance. It is not mandatory that you have to be New Zealand citizen to apply for IRD No. If you intend to work in New Zealand or on a student visa and looking for a part-time job, you must have IRD number. Please follow the given link to apply for IRD.

IRD Application Form Link

Driver License

Some jobs require you to have a New Zealand driver license and if you hold an international driver license then you can convert your license into NZ driver license or you can apply for fresh New Zealand driver license stepping into learner license first. Please follow below links for more details:-

New Zealand Work Environment

It is very important to understand New Zealand work environment before giving heads up to yourself. Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has designed the tool to understand the New Zealand work environment and also, to know your traits and characteristics by appearing in communication skills test.

Source: NZ Workplace Communication – Immigration New Zealand

Let’s talk!

This tool is designed to help improve communication between New Zealand employers or managers and new migrant employees from other cultures.

How well do you communicate?

There are four topics to put your skills to the test. Select ‘Employer/Manager’ or ‘Employee/Worker’ below, watch videos on different topics and see how well you communicate. The option you choose will dictate which questions you’re asked – the videos are the same for both.