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Travel and medical insurance

If you are an international student enrolling for 2 weeks or longer, you will need to purchase travel and medical insurance that covers the requirements of the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021.

These requirements are that your insurance covers:

  • travel to and from New Zealand and travel within New Zealand; and
  • medical care in New Zealand, including
    diagnosis, prescription, surgery, and
    hospitalisation; and
  • repatriation or expatriation as a result of serious illness or injury, including cover of travel costs incurred by family members assisting repatriation or expatriation; and
  • in the event of your death: (i) travel costs of family members to and from New Zealand; and (ii) costs of repatriation or expatriation of your body; and (iii) funeral expenses.

When you enrol on a course at UUNZ, you'll be given two options for purchasing insurance:

  1. To purchase appropriate insurance through Southern Cross or Orbit Protect for the period of your enrolment, and to purchase your own insurance to cover the period from when you leave your country to the start date of your course.
  2. To purchase your own insurance to cover the whole period of your travel to, from and in New Zealand.

UUNZ will request to see your insurance policy to check it meets the requirements listed above when you complete the enrolment form. You will be required to purchase further insurance if your insurance does not meet the requirements.