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The 21st century workplace: How personal technologies can make a difference


The concept of “workplace” has a fixed image as a bricks and mortar home for the production of goods and/or services, though this image is threatened by growth in 21st century globalisation and personal workplace technologies (PWT). This paper examines the impacts of PWT on the nature of work in a medium size New Zealand organisation. A mix of in-depth interviews with management and on-line survey of staff concludes that significant benefits in operating effectiveness can be threatened by a perceived shift in culture, away from McGregor’s Theory Y and towards his much less desirable Theory X. In order to combat this move, we advocate a stronger focus on interpersonal issues for organisations planning the introduction of new workplace technologies.


Ken Simpson and Myra Byrski

Journal Volume

Asia Pacific Journal of Business and Management, 2010, Volume 1 (2), 20-30