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Research and Journal

Research and Journal

UUNZ research culture is shaped by the following areas of interest:

      1. Industry Engagement
      2. Student involvement
      3. New Zealand connection
      4. Māori element (if possible)
      5. Pedagogy that relates to the above

Research at UUNZ operates at three levels. Each level is of equal importance to UUNZ because it represents a contribution to our research and learning culture.


External publication level

To support PhD candidates we:

- provide opportunities to present work and receive feedback

- celebrate progress, publication, submission and success

- pay to facilitate progress

To support publication of papers we:

- address barriers to the completion of the writing process

- consider payment as an incentive or contribution

- publish a list of papers published by staff working at UUNZ

To progress those who want to learn how to do research we:

- group them into interest groups and provide supervision and incentives

- provide workshops and advice on how to proceed

Internal Publication level

UUNZ publishes a Journal for easy entry research

- we assist staff who are willing to contribute by providing review and edit support

- publications are considered as Working Papers that can be presented at conferences

To capitalise on informal research we:

- publish a research newsletter each semester

- thought pieces are also published in industry magazines, media and social media

The UUNZ Research Committee includes Dr Graeme Sterne (Research Leader), Susan Warring, Dr Adrian Liew and Dr Kay Fielden