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Management and leadership factors in South African schools

This article reports on important management and leadership factors in public schools in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Four districts of Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa were targeted and a stratified random sample of 1500 educators was used to collect 358 completed questionnaires. Data analysis employed exploratory factor analysis and identified seven factors: management and leadership styles, financial…

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Strategic human resource management discourse: A strategic management perspective

Strategic human resource management has been presented as a novel and contemporary strategic management tool unlike the non-strategic traditional human resource management for the past two decades. In light of this contestable notion, this paper aimed to review previous and current human resources management and strategic management literature in order to ascertain the extent to…

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Organisational culture: Variable, elastic and malleable. A study of how variable practices may construct organisational culture in an African setting

The paper reports applied research on organisational culture. Data on everyday work experiences, organisational practices and methods of task execution were collected from six case study organisations in Ghana. This research uses in-situ applied methods rather than paper and pencil questionnaires and concludes that some organisations in Ghana have cultures that are best understood as…

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