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Managerial implications for managers and HR practitioners: Some longitudinal research findings in New Zealand’

Business in New Zealand demands quality and cost effective products and services including competent managers and human resource (HR) practitioners to remain internationally competitive. Empirical research was conducted in 2010 to repeat a similar survey in 2000 in New Zealand. The longitudinal results to compare HR practitioners, preferences, roles and requirements and identifies management foci…

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An experiential learning approach to teaching business planning

Many business schools have moved from traditional lecture style teaching to experiential learning approaches to imparting skills. In this paper, we examine a business planning course that departs significantly from the traditional lecturer-driven teaching practices to a more student-led approach to acquisition of knowledge and skills relating to a business plan. We describe the content…

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Manufacturing quality and cultural values in China

Popular and academic publications continually remind us that China has become the global manufacturing center for many international companies. However, quality problems appear to have increased in recent years, with many Chinese products not meeting international standards for safety and quality. We consider the relationship between cultural value dimensions and the Lean Six Sigma process…

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