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Managing conflicts in small scale enterprises in the Tanzanian tourist industry

This qualitative case study attempts to demonstrate insights into conflicts and their management in Small Scale Enterprises (SSEs) in the Tanzanian tourist industry. It aims at increasing the understanding of these complexities from an emic perspective, thereby providing in-depth information which can lead to the development of managerial training tools for improving diversity- and conflict…

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The 21st century workplace: How personal technologies can make a difference

The concept of “workplace” has a fixed image as a bricks and mortar home for the production of goods and/or services, though this image is threatened by growth in 21st century globalisation and personal workplace technologies (PWT). This paper examines the impacts of PWT on the nature of work in a medium size New Zealand…

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Human resource strategies for training and education in the Rosebank Precinct of Auckland, New Zealand

The Rosebank Business Precinct is one of Auckland’s most highly developed Business Improvement Districts. This descriptive study, undertaken for Auckland City Council, examines the gaps between what Rosebank businesses actually want and what the workforce presently provides. It goes on to investigate the potential for cluster development in Rosebank. The findings show that the top…

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