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Postgraduate Certificate in Business

Postgraduate Certificate in Business (Level 8)

*UUNZ is not accepting any new enrolments into this programme until further notice.

Duration of Study

1 years


March, July & November

This programme is designed to help you advance in your workplace or be the first step on the road to a master’s degree, so no matter what your end goal is it can help you achieve it.

Whether you have studied business before, have relevant professional work experience without studying, or have studied an un-related area, this programme can expand your career prospects.

Programme Structure

Programme Structure

Exit from Master of Business Administration

Student must successfully completes the below  four (4)  courses if they wish to gain the  Postgraduate Certificate in Business.

Study plan S1 S2 S3
4 papers for PGCert Qualification (Foundation Course)
UUEC5100 Economics for Decision Makers
UUMG5200 Organisational Behaviour
UUAC5300 Accounting and Finance for Executives
UUMK5400 Marketing in Practice


Exit from Master of Business Administration – International Business

A student who successfully completes a total of 4 courses from the following Specialisation List of the Master of Business Administration – International Business may, upon application, exit with a Postgraduate Certificate in Business.

A1. Big Data and Visualisation Specialisation
  • CSC8001 Introduction to Data Science and Visualisation
  • CIS8701 Big Data Visualisation
  • CIS8702 Crypto-currencies
  • MKT8011 Digital Business Management
A2. Digital Transformation Specialisation
  • CIS8008 Business Intelligence
  • CIS8011 Digital Innovation
  • CIS8018 Strategic Information Security
  • CIS8100 Digital Enterprise
A3. Enterprise Leadership Specialisation
  • MGT8038 Leadership Development
  • MGT8039 Strategic Leadership
  • MGT8031 Global Issues in Employment Relations
  • MGT8034 Strategic Management of Human Resources & Innovation
A4. Finance Specialisation
  • FIN8201 Finance for Executives
  • FIN8202 Financial Markets and Instruments
  • FIN8203 Strategic Investments
  • FIN8104 International Financial Management
A5. International Business Specialisation
  • ECO8060 Business in the International Economy
  • MGT8032 International Management
  • INR8010 International Relations: Guided Topics
  • MKT8002 International Marketing
Entry Requirements

Timetable for all courses

All postgraduate students have their customized timetable. For more details, please contact reception.