Students must meet the requirements of Immigration New Zealand to study in New Zealand.
The information below is provided for reference only. Please consult Immigration New Zealand ( or a licensed immigration adviser for more details.


  • Student Visa Application Form - completed & signed
  • 2 recent passport-sized colour photographs
  • Your current passport  1
  • Student visa application fee of NZ$277 for hardcopy application & NZ$250 for online submission
  • Courier fee of NZ$10 per courier to INZ at Palmerston North (for hardcopy application)
  • Medical and/or Chest X-ray certificates 2
  • Police Certificate 3
  • A current (less than 7 days old) bank statement dated AFTER tuition fee payment. The remaining balance (after tuition fee payment) must show sufficient funds to support you in NZ, i.e. NZ$1,250 per month of study if you are studying for less than 36 weeks OR NZ$15,000 per year if you are studying for 36 weeks or longer
  • A printout of your bank transactions for the last 3 months

Documents to be obtained from UUNZ
  • Tuition Fee Receipt
  • Offer of Place

Documents to be obtained from UUNZ (for continuing students) or previous school in NZ (for students who have studied in NZ before enrolling with UUNZ)
  • Attendance letter
  • For Tertiary students - Academic Transcript
  • For Language students - Transcript / performance / progress report

Immigration ONLINE – Student
You may be able to submit your student visa application online. Most applicants for a student visa, except for dependent children coming with a parent, can use Immigration ONLINE to apply. To apply online, you need to apply on your own behalf.
To apply, go to:

 1 Expiry date of passport - ideally at least 3 months more than the expected visa expiry date
 2  If your previous submission to INZ was more than 36 months ago
 3  If your previous submission to INZ was more than 24 months ago