The full benefit of being an alumni starts with being involved while still studying at UUNZ, enjoying helping and working with other students. For example, such opportunities exist in the form of:

  1. organising student activities e.g. cultural festivals and sports
  2. academic mentoring
  3. extramural community service
  4. supporting research initiatives
  5. Networking

After graduation, you will be an Alumnus and we want to ensure that our relationship with you continues beyond that great day. No matter how recently you graduated, you can participate in a range of programmes and events or join our social networks. The UUNZ Alumni Network is about keeping you connected with other UUNZ alumni.

Being a UUNZ Alumni there will be plenty of opportunities for you to network with other graduates in your field of study and beyond.

The UUNZ Alumni Network provides you with connections that you may not be able to gain anywhere else. By being involved in a UUNZ Alumni community you may exchange business leads and referrals with fellow members and make new friends in the process.

We encourage you to keep your details up-to-date with the UUNZ Alumni Office to ensure that you stay connected with us and fellow alumni.

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