Homestays are a great introductory way to live on arrival in any new country where a lengthy stay is planned. In fact on arrival, we strongly recommend an initial period in a homestay, especially for younger students.

Students stay in regular homes of the local community in and around Auckland. Some of the immediate benefits include improving communication and language skills as well as understanding of local culture and lifestyle. Local hosts and host families offer private guestrooms and support to domestic and international students who are new to the community and local schools, colleges and universities. Most host families offer furnished guestrooms, meals, and utilities included for a nominal weekly homestay fee or rent. See below for average costs.

UUNZ has arrangement with a professional homestay agent who can arrange homestay for you.


There will be a student orientation for every new semester. You will be welcomed by the key staff who will brief you on the policies and procedures. It is also a good opportunity to meet fellow students.


At UUNZ Institute of Business, we are proud of the comprehensive services we provide to students. Our full time staffs help with visas, home stay arrangements, insurance, banking and any other questions you have regarding school policy and procedure.

Student Services Staff are also available to talk to students about their problems, whether in relation to UUNZ Institute of Business or not. One issue we are particularly conscious about is culture shock. Our student counselling staff are highly experienced in guiding students through the transition period between life in their home country and life in New Zealand.



General expenses Cost (NZ$)
Serviced apartment     $250-$300/wk
Homestay (per week, including 2 meals/day and all utilities)     $250-$300/wk
Groceries (per week)   $100-$150
Entertainment (per week)     $50
Lunches/takeaways (per week – see below for individual prices) $10-$100
Individual items Cost (NZ$)
Takeaway pizza (large)  $16
Panini $7-$10
Milk (per litre)   $2.50
Coca Cola (per can) $2
Coffee, cappuccino or latte  $3.50-$5
Main meal at restaurant (off campus)   $15-40
Local calls made from a public telephone (per minute) $0.50
Local calls made from a cell-phone (peak/off-peak per minute) $0.24-$1.39
Single bus fare per trip (from inner city ride to near by suburbs) $1-$6
Monthly bus pass within Auckland and suburbs (student discount also available)   $123-$240
Ferry ride: return ticket Auckland to Devonport (North Shore) $11
Movie ticket (student price)   $16-$20
Admission to major sports event From $15
Haircut   $25-$55
Visit to doctor  $45-$85
Visit to dentist $150-$500
Immigration New Zealand requirement is $15,000 per year + return airfare (or NZ$2,000).