How to Apply

  1. Complete the Application Form either online or in the UUNZ office. Click on the APPLY button below and fill out the required fields. The following documents are required: Please note that the system will not accept an incomplete application.

               a.       Passport’s key page (personal details)
               b.       IELTS grade (and test date)
               c.       CV (2 pages maximum)
               d.      Letters testifying to experience (if you have had work experience)
               e.       Previous qualifications
               f.       USQ and UUNZ Application forms

The above documents will need to be scanned and uploaded through the online portal, then click SEND.

  1. Alternatively the electronic application form off our website can be copied, filled in and scanned along with the required documents, then email it to

  2. Wait for an officer at UUNZ to respond, possibly with points of clarification

  3. When you receive your Offer of Place, attached will be an invoice for the required fees.

  4. Use these documents received from UUNZ to make your Visa application through your nearest New Zealand Consulate.

  5. Make your fee payment to the account shown on your invoice when required to by Immigration New Zealand. This is usually asked when the Visa has been granted in principle.

  6. UUNZ will issue a receipt which you must give to Immigration New Zealand.

If you have an agent, he/she will guide you through the process of providing personal documents which you must produce e.g. bank statements, a letter of statement of purpose etc. for visa processing.