About This Programme

English Language courses at UUNZ aim to develop all the language skills necessary to communicate and function in an English-speaking environment. We have an experienced and well-qualified team of enthusiastic teachers who will make your learning both fun and as close to the needs and demands of real-life as possible. The English Programme looks at the skills of Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Grammar, although there is a particular focus on communication.

We can provide programmes that are tailor-made for groups who wish to come to New Zealand for shorter periods combining English study with many exciting activities. Our programmes are open to groups of students aged 14 years and above, and are offered at any time of the year and include homestay accommodation with New Zealand families. 

These Programmes are part of the General English. Activities also include time for sightseeing around Auckland, visiting the beautiful beaches, mountains, parks, museums and shops in the Auckland region.

Programme Facts


Start Dates:

Every Monday


If you are at Elementary level, you can communicate in a very basic way, mainly in the present and past simple. Your vocabulary covers everyday useful subject areas. The focus at Elementary level is making simple sentences and replying to questions on a range of personal and common subjects. Students learn to talk about their likes and dislikes, family, routines, and can order a meal in a restaurant or go shopping in English. Basic grammar points are learned at this level to prepare them for Pre-Intermediate level.


If you are at Pre-intermediate level, you have a good basic ability to communicate and understand English. Students learn about many subjects and are encouraged to give their opinion on them. They develop their English in Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading skills with confidence in the present, past and future simple tenses. Tasks on social situations such as shopping, booking a hotel room, travel, and making conversation in English are also taught. Grammar includes an understanding of adjectives, adverbs, comparatives, articles, possessives, and basic prepositions.


If you are at Intermediate level, you understand and speak English with some confidence. Students learn how to write in both a formal and informal style.  We teach a range of grammar points and relevant vocabulary to talk and read about a wide number of subjects. Focus is also on pronunciation, tone and style of delivery. We cover all the main tenses and grammar points to make sentences, question forms and clauses.

 Upper Intermediate

At Upper-Intermediate level, you have an effective, but not perfect, use of English. We prepare you for everyday situations in an English language environment with confidence.  There are practical exercises for extended conversations or discussions and a wide range of vocabulary in use to cover almost every circumstance. The English skills that have been developed combined with grammar work brings review and new input together. We set activities which helps to develop the learners` ability to work independently. An academic style of English is introduced at this level.

 IELTS Preparation

Our Advanced class provides a study package focusing on students who plan to sit an IELTS, other examination courses or to further study at certificate, diploma or degree level. It includes an introduction to the kinds of English employed in a variety of academic disciplines with the emphasis on skills development and the content of the academic IELTS examination. Students wanting to undertake General IELTS are also catered for.

  • The Academic Version is intended for those who want to enroll in a university or other institutions of higher education and also for professionals in an English-speaking country.
  • The General Training Version is intended for those planning to undertake non-academic training or to gain work experience, or for immigration purposes.